Beach chair carrier for bike!

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Beach chair carrier for bike!

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How cool is this product for taking your chair to the beach, or concert or sporting event on your bike.  This “Beach Bum Bike Caddy” easily mounts to your back wheel to securely attach your chair.  Will work on any bike and with any folding chair.  It adjusts to clamp on anything and keeps it away from the tire.  Also comes with a large sturdy rubber band to keep your folding chair from opening up.  Gone are the days of struggling to get your bicycle and your gear safely to your destination.  Also is a great way to carry fishing poles, tennis rackets, and even your bike lock.  This is very sturdy and easy to install.  They are now in stock at Shore Break Bikes in Carolina Beach and sell for $19.99.  We will install for free if you bring your bike.  Add a bolt on basket for your towel, and a Krooser drink holder for your beverage and you are set to go.  Leave that vehicle in the garage and get some exercise as well.  Now you can be practical and  stylish.




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