Commercial airing tomorrow on WECT

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Commercial airing tomorrow on WECT

Shore Break- Bikes-MPEG-1

Don’t just ride, ride in style.  Looking like a great week for bike riding at the beach.  Make sure your bike is in tip top shape and you are equipped with all the accessories you need.  Watch WECT for the new commercial.  See if you can recognize where the bike and riding shots were done on Carolina Beach.  A tip if you are riding on the sand.  Leave a little air out of your tires like you would with a vehicle on the north end and it will put more tread on the sand for better traction.  Need air in your tires?  Ride over to the store at 915 N. Lake Park Blvd., turn on Bennet Lane, and we will check the tire pressure and fill with air for free.  Keep in mind that riding a bike with a flat or very low tire pressure can bend a rim, which is costly to repair or replace.  See you at the shop!


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